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  • Lectures: 103
  • Duration: 5 weeks

 What is Ethical hacking?

Ethical hacker is a person who hacks into a company’s Network or web app in order to secure there Digital Enviroment.Ethical hacker basically has the Authority to hack the network or web app in order to test the weaknesses available in the web app or network. Ethical hacking is the process where company hire a Good hacker or security researcher in order to test their Website security, Network Security, Cloud security and other aspects in digital word.

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There are various types of hacker

1.White hat hacker

White hat hacker works for a company in order to test or evaluate their security risks

He is employee of that particular company and helps them to secure their Digital word and get paid in mode of salary from that particular company.

2.Black hat hacker

A black hat hacker is unethical hacker who hacks in to web app or network in order to break their security for financial gain and name & fame. He doesn’t care about security his moto is to make damages to Digital security words

Here is the list of top 10 Notorious hacker in world and what punishment they got.

3.Grey hat hacker

Grey hat hacker is a guy who doesn’t work for any company or organisation. He hacks into a network and without disclosing the vulnerability he reports that vulnerability to concern department of that company who he hacked

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Can I Become hacker?

Yes. Anyone who aspire to be a hacker can become an ethical hacker. You should have open mind unique thinking in order to become Elite hacker. Ethical hacking always been an interesting and energetic field in the world of Information technology.

What are the steps to become an Elite hacker?

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Learn from basic to advance

Mrwebsecurity is one the Top 10 ethical hacking institute in Mumbai who provide all cyber security course in Mumbai | Thane | Andheri as well.

These are the courses you need to do in order to Become Elite hacker.

1.Ethical hacking and cyber security – ethical hacking course in India

2.Penetration Testing

3.Network security

4.Exploit writing

These courses will help you to become Elite and Ethical hacker in India.


How can I earn money by learning hacking?

You can earn money by reporting vulnerability to various available platform on the internet i.e.

1.Hacker one


To start this, you must complete Advance diploma in Cyber security from Mrwebsecurity 

Ethical Hacking course

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Ceh v11 CEH v11 from Ec council

Ethical Hacking course in Pune


  • Introduction to Hacking 0/5

    • Lecture 1.4
  • Networking 0/4

  • FootPrinting 0/6

  • Scanning 0/2

  • Google Hacking 0/7

  • Malware, Trojan & System Hacking 0/10

  • Andriod Hacking 0/10

  • SQL Injection 0/8

  • VPN, Hiding Identity ,Dark web 0/6

  • Cross Site Scripting 0/8

  • Social Media Hacking 0/6

  • Email Security 0/5

  • Password Cracking 0/5

  • Cryptography and Stenography 0/6

  • Physical Security 0/3

  • Wireless Hacking 0/7

  • Cyber Forensics 0/6

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  • Arti patil May 23, 2019 @ 9:44 am

    This Course content is very good as i did not had any previous knowledge but i wanted to get in to this field so as promised by mrwebsecurity and sonali mam my all basics were cleared and i completed the course with hands on practicle and currently i am able to hack some websites .Thank you sonali mam.

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